Political Record

NH State Representative 2019 - Present

2024 Bills:

CACR21 -Title: relating to the oath of civil officers. Providing that the default oath of office shall be a non-religious oath.

HB313 - Title: relative to the reductions from the default budget for official ballot town meetings.

HB370 - Title: relative to after market window tinting on motor vehicles for drivers with medical conditions.

HB471 - Title: relative to final disposition hearings in divorce proceedings.

HB1479 - Title: relative to prohibiting the use of federal, state, or local funds for lobbying activities.

HB1679 - Title: relative to changing to Atlantic Standard Time.

HB1708 - Title: relative to local records retention.

HB397 - Title: relative to the prohibition of the possession of hypodermic needles by minors.

HB646 - Title: eliminating the vehicle inspection mandate for non-commercial vehicles.

HB1005 - Title: relative to judicial training.

HB1065 - Title: relative to fire sprinkler requirements in residential buildings.

HB1175 - Title: relative to the official ballot referendum form of town meetings.

HB1202 - Title: relative to the issuance of permits for the alteration of driveways exiting onto public ways.

HB1215 - Title: relative to subdivision regulations on the completion of improvements and the regulation of building permits.

HB1266 - Title: relative to permitting recordings of open family court proceedings by parties.

HB1291 - Title: relative to accessory dwelling unit uses allowed by right.

HB1361 - Title: relative to municipal land use regulation for manufactured housing and subdivisions.

HB1399 - Title: allowing municipalities to permit 2 residential units in certain single-family residential zones. 

HB1400 - Title: relative to the required maximum number of residential parking spaces.

HB1564 - Title: relative to the child support guidelines.

HB1602 - Title: relative to the authority of the housing appeals board.

HB1683 - Title: relative to coverage of circumcision under the state Medicaid plan.

HB1706 - Title: relative to notice required prior to circumcision procedure.

2023 Bills:

HB321 - Title: relative to minutes from nonpublic sessions under the right to know law.

HB441 - Title: eliminating residency requirements for public school attendance.

HB481 - Title: relative to arrest warrants and search warrants.

HB44 - Title: relative to permissible residential units in a residential zone.

HB254 - Title: relative to remote participation in public meetings under the right to know law.

HB389 - Title: relative to consumer protection relating to hospital price transparency.

HB473 - Title: relative to penalties for controlled drug violations.

2022 Bills:

HB1023 - Title: relative to regulation of athlete agents.

HB1087 - Title: relative to zoning for single family housing lots. 

HB1098 - Title: limiting the number of parking spaces required per occupied dwelling. 

HB1136 - Title: requiring planning boards to list the type of studies required to render a decision. 

HB1179 - Title: relative to zoning protest petitions. 

HB1267 - Title: relative to municipal authority for road and sidewalk closure. 

HB1282 - Title: relative to the records of communication common carriers. 

HB1287 - Title: proclaiming March as Sleep Awareness Month. 

HB1460 - Title: relative to minimum age requirements for certain occupational licenses. 

HB1603 - Title: defining certain school information as governmental records under the right to know law. 

HB1616 - Title: relative to the prohibition against a minor's possession of hypodermic needles without a prescription. 

HB1027 - Title: establishing the crime of undermining legislative process by false claim of emergency. 

HB1211 - Title: requiring the installation of electronic tolling. 

HB1238 - Title: relative to zoning powers and the supply of workforce housing. 

HB1382 - Title: relative to the presumption of shared parenting in the determination of parental rights and responsibilities. 

HB1425 - Title: relative to the taking of real property by eminent domain. 

HB1447 - Title: prohibiting state agencies from using face recognition technology. 

HB1647 - Title: relative to the calculation of child support. 

HCR2 - Title: terminating the state of emergency declared by the governor due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

2021 Bills:

HB85 - Title: relative to using Atlantic Standard Time in New Hampshire. 

HB132  - Title: relative to acreage required to build certain single family housing. 

HB139 - Title: relative to the submission of evidence in divorce proceedings. 

HB161 - Title: relative to the calculation of child support. 

HB207  - Title: repealing the regulation of household goods carriers. 

HB208 - Title: repealing RSA 323 regarding lightning rod dealers and salesmen. 

HB217 - Title: repealing RSA 320 regarding hawkers and peddlers. 

HB218 - Title: (New Title) repealing RSA 320 relative to hawkers and peddlers and RSA 321 relative to itinerant vendors. 

HB219 - Title: repealing RSA 332-J regarding athlete agents. 

HB224 - Title: relative to tinted windows on motor vehicles. 

HB258 - Title: (New Title) permitting wage and hour records to be approved and retained electronically. 

HB259 - Title: relative to employee uniforms. 

HB539 - Title: relative to records of communications common carriers. 

HB566 - Title: (New Title) relative to the discussion and disclosure of minutes from a nonpublic session under the right-to-know law. 

HB628  - Title: relative to maximum vehicle speed limitations. 

2020 Bills:

CACR15 - Title: relating to regulation of searches and seizures. Providing that certain information in a legally enforceable contract shall be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures. 

HB317 - Title: relative to tinted windows on motor vehicles. 

HB1103 - Title: relative to the submission of evidence in divorce proceedings. 

HB1158 - Title: relative to the adoption of bylaws and ordinances by municipalities. 

HB1213 - Title: repealing the prohibition on hunting with a ferret. 

HB1276 - Title: relative to ex-officio members of budget committees and planning boards. 

HB1277  - Title: requiring notice to owners of dogs that have failed to license their dog or renew their dog license.

HB1559  - Title: relative to sealing records in nonpublic session under the right-to-know law. 

HB1604 - Title: relative to agricultural registration for certain utility vehicles. 

HB1641  - Title: reducing the criminal penalty for certain controlled drugs. 

HB1689  - Title: relative to the minutes in nonpublic session under the right-to-know law. 

SB552 - Title: designating a portion of state route 125 as Officer Stephen Arkell Memorial Highway. 

2019 Bills:

HB275 - Title: relative to school nurse certification 

HB314 - Title: relative to the submission of evidence prior to hearings in divorce cases. 

HB316 - Title: relative to the law governing training permits for the training of bird dogs and trail or tree hounds. 

HB508 - Title: (Second New Title) relative to direct primary care. 

HB567 - Title: relative to using the Atlantic Time Zone in New Hampshire. 

Fremont Zoning Board of Adjustment Member: 2020 - Present

Fremont Budget Committee Member 2017 - Present

Fremont Zoning Board of Adjustment Alternate Member: 2016 - 2020