CACR15 / Privacy Press Release

For Immediate Release

January 22, 2019

Contact: 603-722-0501

House Testimony on Constitutional Amendment Regarding Protection of Information from Warrantless Searches.

CONCORD - House Republican Josh Yokela (R-Fremont) issued the following statement before the House Judiciary hears testimony on CACR15, a constitutional amendment to protect information from warrantless searches.

“A foundational principle of limited government is that law enforcement must produce a warrant, based on probable cause and particularized suspicion, before accessing your private information. And yet the law of the United States, for the last few decades, has said that the government can get any information about you that it wants, without a warrant, so long as you have shared that information with a so-called ‘third party.’ That means innocent citizens lose the protection of the warrant requirement, simply because they’ve shared information for a limited purpose, such as obtaining goods and services that enhance their lives.

“While we don’t have the power to solve this problem at a national level, we do have the power to ensure that the private information of New Hampshire citizens is, once again, protected from government’s prying eyes. The amendment I’ve introduced legalizes privacy--it allows contracts limiting the use of your information to be fully enforceable again, thereby reinstating the protections our nation’s Founders enshrined in the Constitution.”