May 2023 BNL

MAY 2023 Brentwood Newsletter

May is the month the House votes on bills passed by the Senate. This year, one of the key issues under debate is Medicaid expansion. While the Senate has proposed expanding Medicaid forever, the House is concerned about the potential ballooning costs and is advocating for a limited expansion program that would only last for a few years so we have the opportunity to revisit the issue and make any adjustments which might be needed.

As we move forward with the legislative process, we will form committees of conference in June to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. This process can be complex and time-consuming, as we work to find common ground on the key issues, including the potential costs and benefits of the program.

As citizens, your voices and perspectives are critical to ensuring that the final version of the bill reflects the needs and concerns of all residents. I encourage you to stay informed and make your voices heard on this important issue. Together, we can find a solution that works for everyone in New Hampshire.

Rep Josh Yokela

Representing Brentwood, Danville, and Fremont