Election - Sept 2022 Brentwood Newsletter Article

Election season is in full swing and I have again offered to represent Brentwood, Danville, and Fremont to the New Hampshire House. As I mentioned in the July issue of the BNL, there have been some successes over the last two years. Still, we have so much further to go including a Parental Bill of Rights, lowering taxes, and expanding educational options for children. I have been reaching out to many of you over the previous few months to reintroduce myself, answer questions, and listen to the concerns of our community.

I have, once again, been given the General John Stark Protector of Freedom Award for my voting record in the “defense of liberty and the citizens of New Hampshire,” both of which can be found on my website www.JoshYokelaForNH.com. I encourage you to reach out for more information if you have a question about a vote I have taken or a position on an issue I hold as I am happy to explain my thought process or have you share information about how the legislation might be positive or negative for New Hampshire.

I look forward to seeing you at the Primary, September 13th!